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It’s good to be the King

August 28, 2019

It’s good to be the King

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Co hosts : Good ol Boy Justin, Made Man Brent, and Made Man Bob

SIPS Episode – It’s unicorn season for bourbon. We get to chat about these in our Quick Shot format to bring this in a timely manner. Brown Forman increased the volume of King of Kentucky to 2K bottles, and yet still only available in KY. Barton has been moving tons of whiskey branded and in bulk. This is one of the first age stated 1792 Full Proof releases. We just get giddy that this is one of the last few coal fired distilleries. We cover a good lineup of products that you can find widely available:


Brown Forman King of Kentucky 2019  SIPS – 5 out of 5

Barton 1792  12 Year SIPS – 4 out of 5


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