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Dude your sign spinning is awesome

September 4, 2020

Dude your sign spinning is awesome

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Co hosts : Good ol Gal Cary Ann, Good ol Boy Mike, Good ol Boy Dave, Made Man Brent, Good ol Boy Justin, and Made Man Bob
We continue to pick up the challenge of navigating isolation and in this case having no/few live sports. ESPN has revived The Ocho with a buffet of competitive sports you never knew existed. We discovered the unidentified beverage pairing preparation for these events and thought we could help everyone with this participation guidance.  We taste and rate the following pairings from 1-5:

12:49 Brent - Underwater Hockey / Jalapeno Moonshine SS&S Rating - 3

18:50 Cary Ann – Zorbing / Box Wine & Soda  SS&S Rating - 3

23:52 Mike - Axe Throwing / 151 Rum & Mt. Dew  SS&S Rating - 4

31:45 Dave - Russian Slap Fighting / Monday Night, Slap Fight IPA SS&S Rating - 5

36:20 Justin – Curling / Last Snow Stout Funky Buddha SS&S Rating - 3

40:50 Bob – Caber Tossing / Glenmorangie  SS&S Rating - 3

Sparky - Grocery Shopping during a Pandemic – unfortunately we ran out of time and had some technical trouble with Sparky’s segment. It got lost in Aisle 8 near the cereal section.
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Made Man Bob and Made Man Brent from The Bourbon Mafia are training for Cornhole

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