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Whiskey in the Key of F

August 16, 2019

Whiskey in the Key of F

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Co hosts : Good ol Boy Justin, Good ol Gal Denise, Made Man Maury, and Made Man Bob

SIPS Episode – A mystery wrapped in whiskey as we discuss Heaven’s Door Whiskey. A celebrity whiskey with Bob Dylan. They are currently outfitting a former church as the distillery. We also decided that Justin’s Texas accent was so bad, we had higher hopes for the whiskey from Treaty Oak. We expected less from someone that drinks blue cocktails. And Windex. We cover a good lineup of products that you can find widely available:


Heaven’s Door Tennessee Bourbon SIPS - 3

Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey SIPS - 3

Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey SIPS - 3

Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon Whiskey SIPS - 3

Treaty Oak Red Handed Bourbon Whiskey SIPS - 3

Treaty Oak Red Handed Rye Whiskey SIPS - 3



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