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No, this never gets old or boring

September 27, 2019

No, this never gets old or boring

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Co hosts : Made Man Brent, Made Man Maury, Good ol Boy Justin, and Made Man Bob

SIPS  Episode – All the season of disappointment. Oh yes it’s the Fall Bourbon Releases for 2019. We can talk about them, but some of these are in very short supply. <sadface> Free beef jerky to everyone that can pronounce Amaranth correctly. You might have to blow something other than some candles to find a OF Birthday Bourbon this year. It’s finally back to being tiptop. We taste and discuss the following whiskey: 

Weller Full Proof Bourbon – 57% ABV – 114 Proof                            4 SIPS

Col. E. H Taylor Amaranth Bourbon Whiskey– 50.0% ABV – 100 Proof         3 SIPS

Old Forester 2019 Birthday Bourbon– 52.5% ABV- 105 proof                       5 SIPS

Remus Repeal Reserve - Series III - 50% ABV - 100 proof                  3 SIPS

Four Roses 2019 Limited Edition Small Batch - 56.3%ABV – 112.6 Proof      5 SIPS
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