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Belgian not Trappist

September 20, 2019

Belgian not Trappist

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Co hosts : Good ol Boy Caperton, Good ol Boy Kendall, Rev. Mark , Good ol Boy Mike, and Good ol Gal Julieanna

SUDS  Episode – Never ask beer people to read things in a foreign language. We can drink and rate it all day long, but pronounce something properly, negative. This is a reference episode with Belgian beer from St. Bernardus. Our attempts to get with the monk theme were futile. We thank the fine residents of Belgium for tolerating our inability to pronounce Watou correctly and not banning us. Yet.  We taste and discuss the following beer: 

All beer listed is by Brouwerij St. Bernardus Watou, Vlaanderen Belgium


Abt 12      10% ABV   SUDS- 5


Prior 8      8% ABV – SUDS- 4


Pater 6        6.7% ABV  SUDS-3


Tripel          8% ABV  SUDS -4


Wit             5.5% ABV SUDS-4
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